A.C Tek Instruments - Optical and Survey Instruments Service and Sales

34 Loren Lane, Ridgefield CT 06877
email: info@actekinstruments.com
phone/fax: (203) 431-0825

A.C. Tek's Professional Services

  • An estimate is done upon receiving your instrument. Generally serviced six to ten working days after your authorization.
  • Repairs and modifications.
  • Complete or partial overhaul of instrument.
  • Calibrate and adjust to manufacture's specifications.
  • An professional test data report with each order.
  • Warranty on repairs
  • Instrument certification available.
  • Service contracts can be provided. Under this contract, we will keep your instrument in good condition and provide you priority service.
  • Modifications such as bright line auto collimation eyepieces for Kern E1, E2, and DKM2-AC. Fixed compensator for DKM2-AC, Wild T2 can be accomplished.
  • Operation and calibration training classes for theodolites such as Kern E1, E2, and optical mechanical theodolites such as DKM2-AC and T2.
  • Autocollimation principles and alignment classes also available.

  • We service all make and models of surveying instruments and specialize in:

    Kern Instruments E1, E2, E12, E20, E2-I Electronic Theodolites;
    EDMs; DKM1, DKM2, DKM2-A, K1-A, K1-S, K1-M Optical Mechanical Theodolites;
    GK0-A, GK1-A, GK2-A, Kern Level, GK23 Levels; Optical Plummets and all others.
    Wild (Leica) Instruments T1-A, T1(70), T2, T2(mod), T16, T16(70) Optical Mecahnical Theodolites;
    NA20, NA24, NA28, NA0, NA1, NA2, NA3, etc... Levels;
    T1000, T16000, T1010 Electronic Theodolites
    NA2000, NA3000, NA2002 Electronic Levels;
    LNA2, LNA10, LNA20, LNA30 Laser Levels;
    and other equipment.